Wine Investment

Wine has always attracted discerning investors with a passion for the vine, but there has been an unprecedented surge in fine wine investment over the past decade. Investing in something you love adds to the fun and excitement of the process and, more importantly, wine has proved its potential as a high yield stock. Wine may no longer be an unconventional commodity, but it remains a unique market that requires long-term thinking and real expertise.


Whether you are based in Europe, Asia, the United States or beyond, F+R offers unparalleled access to this dynamic market. Our transparent, state-of-the-art technology means we can track prices and availability of thousands of wines; we let the market set the prices and we are objective, with no stockholdings to influence our position.


Your reserves are held in our chamber at London City Bond in a secure, temperature-controlled environment, manned by F+R staff. Please go to our storage page for more information.


Novice investors keen to learn more about regions and vintage will find our expert team extremely helpful, but we are not qualified to give financial advice. The fine wine market is unregulated and we cannot make any guarantees on the increase in a wine’s value or the performance of the market as a whole.