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12x75cl case ?
2003 Baron de Chirel Rioja ReservaRiscal; Marques de Rioja £778.00
£67.00DP  ?
2001 Baron de Chirel Rioja ReservaRiscal; Marques de Rioja £509.00
1991 Baron de Chirel Rioja ReservaRiscal; Marques de Rioja £2,956.00
£1,477.00DP  ?
2007 Finca TorreaRiscal; Marques de £222.00
1982 Marques de RiscalRiscal; Marques de £581.00
2004 Marques de Riscal Gran ReservaRiscal; Marques de £322.00
1991 Marques de Riscal ReservaRiscal; Marques de £299.00
2001 Rioja Gran ReservaRiscal; Marques de Rioja £617.00

‘DP’ shown against a price indicates that UK Duty has already been paid.

For UK and EU customers it means that VAT must be charged as the wine is no longer ‘In Bond’. It does not affect non-EU export orders.

This wine has been flagged as less than 'perfect condition' (taking into consideration its age). The relevant indicators can include: lower content level, bin-soiled label, damaged cap etc. As a result, this is available at a discounted market price.

Please contact us to request condition reports and photos. 


These are immediately available wines are held in our temperature-controlled cellars at London City Bond. These listings are predominantly comprised from private collectors who sell through our marketplace. All immediately available stock is ready for delivery once payment has been settled. We offer next day delivery to all London addresses, so long as payment has been settled by midday. For other UK addresses delivery is typically within one week. Please email our Customer Services Team, who will provide an accurate date and time for delivery.

All of the wines have been rigorously checked by our warehouse staff and condition reports, including photographs, are available on request.

Please note, if your order contains 'immediate' and 'marketplace' wines, these will be delivered together.


The majority of the wines we list are sourced from the market. This includes direct from growers, exclusive distributors and agents and European Trade stockholders.

The typical lead time for consolidation, shipping and arrival into our cellars from confirmed order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.