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2011 Aalto Aalto £333.00  
  Case (12xBottles, 75cl) 0 immediate, 107 marketplace £333.00
  Case (6xBottles, 75cl) 0 immediate, 79 marketplace £168.00
  Bottle (75cl) 0 immediate, 7 marketplace £31.00
2003 Aalto Aalto 92.0 £677.00  
  Case (3x3L) 0 immediate, 2 marketplace £694.00
  3L 0 immediate, 6 marketplace £233.00
  5L 0 immediate, 3 marketplace £386.00
2011 PS Aalto £549.00  
  Case (12xBottles, 75cl) 0 immediate, 15 marketplace £549.00
  Case (6xBottles, 75cl) 0 immediate, 26 marketplace £275.00
  Bottle (75cl) 0 immediate, 10 marketplace £49.00
2006 PS Aalto £1,055.00  
  Bottle (75cl) 0 immediate, 6 marketplace £90.00
2003 PS Aalto £549.00  
  3L 0 immediate, 1 marketplace £189.00
2011 Ribera del Duero Aalto Ribera del Duero £303.00  
  Case (6xBottles, 75cl) 0 immediate, 76 marketplace £153.00
  Bottle (75cl) 0 immediate, 2 marketplace £28.00

‘DP’ shown against a price indicates that UK Duty has already been paid.

For UK and EU customers it means that VAT must be charged as the wine is no longer ‘In Bond’. It does not affect non-EU export orders.

This wine has been flagged as less than 'perfect condition' (taking into consideration its age). The relevant indicators can include: lower content level, bin-soiled label, damaged cap etc.
As a result, this is available at a discounted market price.

Please contact us to request condition reports and photos. 


What is the 'Market Price'?

Our proprietary market making system runs algorithms across a basket of international supplier prices to establish the Market Price for a wine. This provides the benchmark against which buyers and sellers can make confident and informed decisions.

Please note: Market Prices are always expressed as a standard 9 litre case of 12 x 75cl bottles.

Please view our FAQ page for more information.

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