Fine wine is a delicate item, requiring careful handling and optimal conditions throughout its lifetime. The quality of the storage of your fine wine will have a direct impact on both its future value and the level of enjoyment you gain from drinking it. In order to ensure the optimal conditions to keep and mature wine, FINE+RARE has invested in its own world-class bonded chamber facilities within the London City Bond warehouse in Tilbury, a secure site just half an hour’s drive from the capital, overseen by our own expert team. All wines stored with FINE+RARE are kept securely and are insured for their full market value. The title to the wine always remains with you – never with the company – and our storage charges are some of the lowest available, at just £9.36+VAT per 9 litres pro rata. We store duty paid wines as well as in bond from any reputable source, not just those bought through FINE+RARE. Petrus 6L.jpg FINE+RARE storage enquiries





Although as a UK merchant we are not legally required to be bound by their high standards, we have ensured that our storage facilities meet the global wine storage management systems benchmarks of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), designed to cope with some of the most testing conditions in the world for fine wine storage. These criteria ensure that our facilities are ideal for ageing your fine wine, for example:


              HKQAA Requirement  / FINE+RAREChamber

Minimum storage temperature                                                    11°C

Maximum storage temperature                                                   17°C

Maximum daily fluctuation range                                                 3°C

Maximum annual fluctuation range                                             5°C

Humidity as running average                                                    55-80%

Storage area isolated from external light                                    Yes

Isolated from continuous vibrations                                             Yes

Regular maintenance / calibration carried out                          Yes

Accuracy of temperature sensors                                              ± 0.5°C

Accuracy of humidity sensors                                                      ± 5%

Insurance for market value of all contents                                 Yes



Average Chamber Temperature This Month 14.8°C

Three Month High 15.9°C

Three Month Low 13.3°C





Our storage costs are highly competitive at just £9.36 per annum per 12 bottle case or equivalent (excluding VAT). We will happily accept cases or single bottles, charging pro-rata based on the number of bottles and length of storage period. Unlike many other wine companies, our service includes storage of duty paid wines as well as in bond from any reputable source, not just those bought through FINE+RARE.





In addition to the optimal environment, we offer the optimal care for your wine. FINE+RARE's dedicated and experienced staff only handle fine wine - from receipt to condition reporting to racking and release from storage, you can rest assured that your wines are in expert hands. For additional peace of mind, your wines are fully insured for their full market value while stored in your account in the FINE+RARE chamber. You can speak to our team of portfolio advisors who will provide impartial advice around market conditions and the value and sales potential of any of your wines. Storing your wines with FINE+RARE offers you instant access to one of the most dynamic and fast-moving wine marketplaces in the UK, with the flexibility to be as ‘hands-on’ in its management as you like.





If you are storing wines to allow them to mature for drinking, you can arrange your own collection for export or have them delivered at your request. Please see our Deliveries page for more information.





If you would like to open a storage account, or have any questions about our storage facilities, please email our Reserves Team or call: +44 (0)20 7089 7408. Please see our Manage Wine page for more information about managing your portfolio or opening a Portfolio Manager account with us. For our storage terms and conditions, please click here.