Mischief and Mayhem Corton Charlemagne 2014

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Allen Meadows advised his readers earlier this year on 2014 white Burgundy, “you should buy the 2014s…I would suggest not only buying but buying aggressively”. The Corton Charlemagne from Mischief & Mayhem is from one of our favourite operations in Burgundy and is a very serious buy in 2014.


We loved it when we tasted it earlier this year and immediately reserved a barrel (a mere 50 cases) when it was recently made available for our clients. Corton Charlemagne is perfect for those that actually want to drink Grand Cru white Burgundy. While prices for rival, and indeed lesser, Grand Crus have gone into the stratosphere, prices of Corton Charlemagne remain reasonable despite the immense quality. A quality encapsulated by Parker as far back as 1990 when he called it “the greatest white Burgundy after Le Montrachet and Chevalier Montrachet”. At its best it is excellent.


Combine these phenomenal raw materials with a vintage of the quality of 2014 and the impeccable winemaking from Michael and Fiona Ragg and the result is something special. We sampled this from barrel earlier this year and it is outstanding, a complex and rich Corton Charlemagne from old vines that will wow those lucky enough to get their hands on some.


Just three barrels were ever made of the Corton Charlemagne (the equivalent of just 75 dozen!) and so finding it in the future will be difficult. This seems destined to follow the sell-out 2012 and disappear from the market entirely once this allocation has gone.

Mischief and Mayhem 2014 Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru Burgundy