2005 Burgundy

2005 Red Burgundy is simply superb and the wines from this great year should form a part of any collection. We are delighted to have access to an unrivalled range and our comprehensive listings are detailed below.


The 2005 vintage provided truly perfect growing conditions for Pinot Noir in Burgundy. The wines are profound, in many cases the epitome of what this prestigious region can achieve across the price points. It is already viewed as one of the finest vintages of the last century and as they age, their reputation continues to grow, with Jancis Robinson the latest to publish a glowing critique that you can access here.


Much like the reds of Bordeaux, these ‘05s are characterised by exceptional balance and the perfect integration of fruit, acidity and tannin that lead to the ‘power without weight’ hallmark of great Burgundy. At ten years of age, they are in most cases just about to hit the lower edges of their long drinking windows and will only get better and better over the years. A popular vintage on release, it is unsurprisingly now in very shallow supply. Any opportunity to secure the high-scoring examples should be worth serious consideration.


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